6. I never shop online, how can I trust you are a real company & not a scam?

We totally understand your concern, online shopping is becoming more and more common. Our company shops online (for supplies), our employees shop online (for personal stuff), so as fellow online customers, we understand the importance of verifying the legitimacy of online companies.

We encourage you to talk to rescues we donate to, we encourage you to check out our Facebook and Instagram. On Instagram, you can even check our tagged photos (I think Facebook has this too). Tagged photos on Instagram allows customers to tag us, so we can see the photos they posted of them wearing our gear. In fact we LOVE seeing our customers in tagged photos, so if you ever take photos and post them on Instagram, PLEASE tag us and use the hash tag #armtheanimals.

Our marketing team regularly looks through tagged and hash tagged photos for marketing material ;) In fact 70%-80% of the photos we post are from customers ;)


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