3. Why does my tracking link say “Label Printed” , “Not Found” or “Status not available” when I click on it?

If your tracking says this, wait a couple days for the status to update. Sometimes it is us/our system and sometimes it USPS.
We produce, package, print shipping labels and ship in batches (multiple orders organized by date ranges) ALL by hand. So while prepping your package to ship, we print labels in batches. Once we print all labels in a batch, we then prep that same batch and then drop them off at USPS. Since we do all of this by hand, prepping/labeling/shipping portion of our process can take a few days. Once we pass your package to the USPS, they process it and check it into their system (it can take up to 24 hours for them to check it in or for the status to update). Once they do this, they will begin generating tracking data for your package. If you have any of the above status titles, it can be any of the above situations. So please just be patient and wait for the update.
Please understand that once your package tracking says “Picked up,” we no longer have your package and it is with the USPS. Unfortunately, we cannot recall packages that have already sent, so if something is wrong, we have to wait for you to receive it and send it back, or wait for it to “bounce back” from the USPS

If your tracking status is stuck in one of the above titles for more then 4 business days, please contact us so we can look into your situation further. Contact us through the "Leave Us A Message" function in our HELP bubble in the lower-right of your page.


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