9. Shipping time frames for international orders (orders placed outside the United States)

We ship in 8-10 Business Days (which does not include weekends/Holidays). 
However since we are a super small business, if we get behind or an item is backordered, shipping might take a little longer. Please be patient, unfortunately as a small business we occasionally run into obstacles. Currently we do not have a system that notifies customers when items are backordered, however we are currently looking into a software that will help us communicate this.
Once an order is shipped, USPS quotes up to 21 business days (which does not include weekends/holidays), and sometimes a couple days longer if there is a delay (usually delays for international orders are at Customs). I have see international customers receive their orders in as little as 5 business days, and some up to one month.
USPS usually is pretty good about scanning tracking numbers, however once an order leaves the US, international shipping companies are not required to scan packages. So even though there is no movement when it leaves the US, usually it is still in transit. 
If you still do not receive your package after 25-30 business days, please contact us so we can look into your order further.


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