Working with us, Submitting artwork or Inviting to an event

If you are interested in submitting artwork, inviting us to an event, or collaborating: Please contact us and be very specific about your intentions and information on the idea or event. We will not guarantee will will be able to work with you and cannot guarantee we will be able to use your artwork, but you are more then welcome to submit artwork, event invites & collaboration ideas.  

If you are a rescue and want money or product donations: We work with soo many rescues now, that we mainly donate to our Rescue Affiliates and Rescues we worked with prior to our affiliate program. If you are interested in learning about our Affiliate Program, look for the Affiliate Program section for more information. 

Contact us through the "Leave Us A Message" function in our HELP bubble in the lower-right of your page OR email OR send us a message on Facebook.

Once you contact us, please allow 48-72 business hours (not including weekends/holidays) for a response. Again, we are a tiny company and are not always able to answer right away. We WILL answer, just need to be patient with us, hopefully in the future we expand and responses will be quicker. Until then this is all we can handle. Emails do get lost and fall through the cracks, so if you do not hear from us in about a week or week and a half, please email us again.

If you contact us via phone (leaving voicemail), you will not be responded to, our phone is a private number that is NOT used for customer service. is our ONLY customer service email, if you email any other email, you risk not being answered because those emails are NOT checked regularly.


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